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These are questions asked by goli

Dear friends

I need to solve this integral analytically. But I don't know how to do it. Could you please help me?

This does not work:

p := sqrt(2/(3*A*L*ln(t)^(L-1)+3*a*t));
int(p, t);

Here, "A" and "a" are positive constants, "L>1" and also I need the solution for "t>1"


Dear Friends

I would like to know how I can show a simple arrow on a curve in a plot. For example for the simple sample y=x^2, for x>0, I want to show with an arrow in the figure that the trajectory begins from the point (0,0) and tends to come to the point (3,9). Or any other examples you want.

Thanks a lot

Dear Friends

I want to know that how can I plot a 2D curve in 3D? 

I need to plot the curve for example z=y^2, in a 3D space and exactly in the plane x=0. The ranges are -1<y<1, -1<x<1, 0<z<1

(I want to copy and paste this curve in another 3D figure.) 

Thanks a lot

Dear Helpers

I have a RootOf such as below. My question is how can I obtain a simple answer for it, or how can I simplify it? Also, what's the difference between the case "index=1" and the cases "index=2" and "index=3"?

" RootOf(6*_Z^3+(27+3*RootOf(_Z^2*l^2+3*_Z^4-3)^2*sqrt(9-3*RootOf(_Z^2*l^2+3*_Z^4-3)^2*l^2))*_Z^2+(3*sqrt(9-3*RootOf(_Z^2*l^2+3*_Z^4-3)^2*l^2)*l^4*RootOf(_Z^2*l^2+3*_Z^4-3)^2-9*sqrt(9-3*RootOf(_Z^2*l^2+3*_Z^4-3)^2*l^2)*l^2+90*RootOf(_Z^2*l^2+3*_Z^4-3)^2*l^2-18*l^4+6*l^6*RootOf(_Z^2*l^2+3*_Z^4-3)^2-81+45*RootOf(_Z^2*l^2+3*_Z^4-3)^2*sqrt(9-3*RootOf(_Z^2*l^2+3*_Z^4-3)^2*l^2))*_Z-324-3*l^8+l^10*RootOf(_Z^2*l^2+3*_Z^4-3)^2+108*RootOf(_Z^2*l^2+3*_Z^4-3)^2*sqrt(9-3*RootOf(_Z^2*l^2+3*_Z^4-3)^2*l^2)-3*sqrt(9-3*RootOf(_Z^2*l^2+3*_Z^4-3)^2*l^2)*l^6+sqrt(9-3*RootOf(_Z^2*l^2+3*_Z^4-3)^2*l^2)*l^8*RootOf(_Z^2*l^2+3*_Z^4-3)^2-63*sqrt(9-3*RootOf(_Z^2*l^2+3*_Z^4-3)^2*l^2)*l^2+30*sqrt(9-3*RootOf(_Z^2*l^2+3*_Z^4-3)^2*l^2)*l^4*RootOf(_Z^2*l^2+3*_Z^4-3)^2+45*l^6*RootOf(_Z^2*l^2+3*_Z^4-3)^2+351*RootOf(_Z^2*l^2+3*_Z^4-3)^2*l^2-108*l^4, index = 1) "

Thank you so much!


Dear Guys

How can I plot a fieldplot with a boundary. For example I can plot

> fieldplot([y, -sin(x)-(1/10)*y], x = -1 .. 1, y = 0 .. 1);

but I want to see the field plot only in the region x^2+y^2<=1.

Thanks a lot 

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