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Hi every body

I want to solve a differential equation y'(t) = sqrt((f-1)/(t^f-t)) and get an answer in terms of ordinary function.is it possible. thanks 

Dear guys!

I have two expressions in terms of one variable. For example A(t) and B(t). Now, I want to plot A in terms of B. What should I do?

I cannot obtain this relation analytically because both expressions in terms of "t" are very complicated. But I can plot both of them. Now, I need to plot A in terms of B.

Thanks a lot.

Dear guys

To solve a typical integral I have written


but the solution is very complicated and contains "hypergeom". How can I have a simpler solution? I mean an explicit solution.


Dear all

I made an array as

> T := Array(1..x, 1..6);

 where x = 1,000,000:

and then I wrote a loop for and after that I wanted to write the results as

> writedata("D:\\data\\test.txt", convert(T,array), float);

but I got an error as

> Error(in convert/list) object too large

What should I do now? It took more than 24 hours to run my program and I need the results as a text file. Please help me.

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