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Dear guys!

I know that an analitical solution of an aquation of order "n" like this is impossible. But I give you a simple example. For the equation y(x)^2+y(x)+x=0, we have a solution like y(x)=(-1+-sqrt(1-4*x))/2. But here we have an equation of the form

y(x)^(-0.2)*[y(x)^2-(1+x)^3-(1+x)^4]=1. I'm sure it has a numerical solution. What do you think? 

Hi! I have an aquation and I want to solve it numerically. How can I do that?

The equation is:


where K1 = 0.27, K2 = 5*10^(-5) and n = -0.1.

Thanks a lot!

Hi! I am trying to solve this system:


 but I have a problem.

Hello everybody, please help me. I have a system of PDEs and I can't solve it. I have an error as:

"Error, (in pdsolve/numeric/par_hyp) Incorrect number of initial conditions, expected 3, got 2"



I have a set of PDEs & I tried to solve it. First of all I defined some functions as:
H := (diff(a(t, y), t))/a(t, y), Hy := (diff(a(t, y), y))/a(t, y), H1 := diff(H(t, y), t), a1 := diff(a(t, y), t), a2 := diff(a1, t), Hy1 := diff(Hy(t, y), y), ay1 := diff(a(t, y), y), ay2 := diff(ay1, y), n1 := diff(n(t, y), t), n2 := diff(n1, t), ny1 := diff(n(t, y), y), ny2 := diff(ny1, y), pef := -2*n(t, y)^2*Hy1-3*n(t, y)^2*Hy^2-n(t, y)*ny2-2*n(t, y)*Hy*ny1-2*H(t, y)*n1/n(t, y), `ρef` := 3*n(t, y)^2*Hy1+6*n(t, y)^2*Hy^2, `ωef` := pef/`ρef`,

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