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Hi all! Can any body tell me what " relerr " does in maple. I have seen it in a .mw file but I don't find it in maple help, why? 

Dear guys! I'm solving a system of ODEs in a for loop with different initial conditions and after that in each loop I use the result to solve an integral and after all I find the minimum value of integrals. But the problem is that when I write for loop with for example 100 initial conditions I get a result and when I expand the numbers to for example 1000 initial conditions where include the 100 previous one maple tell me that the initial conditions that make the integrel minimum are the same ...

Dear guys! I'd like to know that for solving an integral by maple we have to use " int " or we have any other choices? Because I have an integral with large limits from 0 to for example 1000 and it takes much time for maple to solve it.

Dear all. Consider I want maple to solve an ODE for ten different initial conditions in a for loop and I don't want to write all details for me. I just want maple to show me the number of for example n-th of ten. I mean when maple starts to solve, show me number 1 and when solves the ODE for the first initial condition and start to solve ODE for the second initial condition, the previous 1 change into number 2. Thank you. 

Dear guys! Can anybody tell me how should I solve my problem? I have an equation that I can solve it with maple but I can't obtain a result (a number) for any values of my independent variable (z) in my equations where are as follows:

> eq := z-> 1=(m*(1+z)^3-k*(1+z)^2)*h^2/(H^2)+(((2*n-1)-(k*(1+z)^2*h^2/H^2))*((1-m+k)/(2*n-1+k))*((((H^2/h^2)-k*(1+z)^2)/(1-k))^(n-1))); 

> Y := z->if not type(z,numeric) then 'procname(z)' else fsolve(eq(z), H=h) end if;

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