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Hey there,

i have (for example) these two B/W images and would like to calculate the displacement of the cross via an image correlation.
does anyone has an idea how to succeed???
is the Correlation function in the Statistics package usable for this task?
thanks in advance!


hey there,

i have a textfile with three columns and i am using the "readdata" command. the first column is a filepath that i read in as a string. unfortunately the filepath is saved with backslashes ("c:\data\...") and therefore i cannot open the file that is indicated by the path. how can i replace the backslashes with forward slashes? any other ideas are also appreciated. thanks!

Dear primers,

I have a curve that shows 4 maxima (green curve in the image, red curve is the derivative). Now i simply want the coordinates of these maxima without defining a threshold. I tried the "ExtremePoints" function, but it returns an error ("...cannot determine discontinuities") and the "extrema" function which gives me only one max and min value.It would be great, if somebody could give me a hint...

Dear primers,

i read in a list of data (which are called roi), then i would like to fit these data (done in this case by a spline function) and compute the values for y=0.3.
for some reason, maple (i am using maple14) gives me only one value instead of two.

i would be happy if somebody could give me a hint how i get both values.

hey there, i have a simple question: lets say i have a list like:


for some reason i only need the elements of this list from [4,8] to [5,3]. how do i

select these parts from my original list? (and i dont want to create the new list

by saying: take element 3..6 from list). thanks and cheers

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