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Hi All,

Im solving a system of five second order differential equations, dsys, with five degrees of freedom, using the command:

> Sol := dsolve({dsys, ini}, {phix(t), phiy(t), phiz(t), thetax(t), thetay(t)}, numeric, output = listprocedure, range = 0 .. ts)

This solves the system with initial conditions ini from t=0..ts. 

With the command: > odeplot(Eq75, [t, Z2], 0 .. ts, numpoints = 100), I plot Z2, which is a function of the degrees of freedom, form t=0..ts. ...

Dear All,

Im trying to model a rigid body, hanging from a string. In the end I have a system of 5 Equations of Motion and with all the Initial conditions I use dsolve. It gives me the error 

Error, (in dsolve/numeric/DAE/isolate) is not linear

I know the system is not lnear but that should be not a problem. One strange thing I notice is that Maple adds these dots in some equations: (the one after 15 but please see original file)


Hi all,

Im trying to use the solve command to solve the eqn:= 40 = x arccosh(56/x) for x. The command solve(eqn, x) only provides the left solution(for low values of x) while I know there must be a solution as well for higher values of x. How can I get Maple to look at the other solution?

Thanks in advance!


Hi everyone, Im trying to solve a catenary problem. x is defined in terms of y1, y2, and a. But in my case a is the only unknown. I try to express a in terms of x, y1 and y2 by the following script:

> x := a*arccosh((y1+a)/a)+a*arccosh((y2+a)/a);

/y1 + a\ /y2 + a\
a arccosh|----------| + a arccosh|--------|
\ a / \ a /

> solve(x, a);

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