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@acer thank you for your response. I have a maple workbook with all the necessary code and DocumentTools. Indeed, as you mentioned, we have the startup code and the our custom procedures and functions stored as part of the workbook and some of the DocumentTools objects (buttons, etc.).

The purspose to use mla is to utilize an additional third-party code stored in the mla file as a dependency for my package. The second part seems like not doable at the moment.

For a cloud package, is it possible to use 3rd party code with that? So that when a user installs the package, any 3rd party dependency is installed with it?

@Carl Love Thank you. I tried  to use the Interrupt function but unfortunately it does not work the way I think it should. The supposed stop button's code itself will wait until whatever is executing currently will stop because it is enclosed into another function. The button pushes are sequential. 

@Carl Love the way i did it was

timed_f := proc(x,y,z)

start := time():



return [out, finish]:

end proc:

So this seems to work. 

@Carl Love Thank you! Is there a way to measure how long each instance of Run takes for this scenario?

@acer Thank you for your response. I did observe a negative bytesalloc output, which is interesting and quite surprizing.

So evaluating memory usage, GNU time is more representative of actual resource consumption, isn't it?

Edit: why is this not reflected in the docs for CodeTools or did i miss it entirely?

@Carl Love @tomleslie Thank you for the information! I will check out forget. Unfortunately, polynomials I have may produce quite short GB times and therefore i wanted to compute the average to be more exact.

@Carl Love Thank you very much, I appreciate your help! This seems to be what i was looking for.

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