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These are questions asked by grad_stu


I'm trying to use an older package but the results of the author's own example returns the error:

"Error, (in SumTools:-DefiniteSum:-ClosedForm) summand is singular in the interval of summation"

I don't have access to the source coude, but by looking at other similar issues it seems to be happening when "sum" function is used. Is there a way to force Maple use "add" instead?



Is there a way to make all computations in Maple to run modulo specified prime p? If, for example, I want to use a function such as DifferentialAlgebra:-RosenfeldGroebner and force it to run its internal computations modulo p, can this be done?

So far I have tried to use GF(p, k), but there seem to be issues where `+` and other operations require defining all symbold via :-ConvertIn(). 



As the title says, I was trying to load a library that is stored in .lib file to use in a maple cloud application. Locally, I think i can get it to work, but I don't know how to use this external file on the cloud itself.

Does anyone know if this is possible?


Is there a way to use the Button Component to stop a maple computation? I have two long functions running on nodes via grid in my app and I want to have them stopped via special button, is it possible to do in maple?

I have two functions, f1(x,y,z) and f2(x,y). I want to use Grid package to parallelize the runs of two functions. I have tried Grid:-Seq() but this way the maple does not seem to finish the computation.

Another thing I have tried so far was using Grid:-Run(), like so:

Grid:-Setup("local", numnodes=2):

Grid:-Run(0, f1, [x,y,z]):

Grid:-Run(1, f2, [x,y]):

It seems that this way i create background processes but I never see them finish. On their own the functions f1 and f2 work fine if used sequentially.

Is there any way to run time in parallel?

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