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Dear All,

I would appreciate you advice on the following problem. It is related to getting maple to write its output in a cirtain way which the user prefers.


If I ask Maple to:

solve((-q*N3*X3)/e3 = (q*N1*X1)/e1 + (q*N2*X2)/e2, X3);


it will produce:

X3 = -((N1*X1*e2 + N2*X2*e1)e3) / (e1*e2*N3)

I can see by inspection that the solution above is equivalent to:

X3 = (-(N1*X1*e2 + N2*X2*e1) / N3) * (e3/(e1*e2))

Which is the prefered way of writing this particular equation in my line of work.

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