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How to calculate the following at point p=(xo,yo):

       n . del(u), u=u(x,y)

from the known function u, where n is the unit outward normal at p and the dot represents the dot product.

The objective is to create example PDE problems with Neumann BCs on irregular 2D domains.

Using plot3d I can obtain a plot of a function u:=f(x,y). Then I rotate the plot and find the view that I want by trial and error. However, If I run the plot again with different parameters, I have to again find the view I want by trial and error. Setting the plot3d orientation option by trial and error to achieve the required view is very tedious. My question is: Once I have found the view I like, is it possible to then obtain the orientation data so that it can be used in subsequent calls to plot3d? Any help appreciated.
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