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These are questions asked by guras


Consider for instance the following equation:


How can I list the coefficients of the exponential functions and also solve the equation for the constant parameters 

a, b, and c?

I tried 

[coeffs(collect(lhs(EQ), exp), exp)] =~ 0;

but it did not work. Thank you for your help.



Is there a way of determining whether a function of two variables is continuous or not? Can we find the discontinuity points 

of such multivariable functions? (Considering the graphs of the function is not always helpful.)


  Assume that one has an equation P(a,b,c,d,e,f)=0. How do we solve this equation so that the parameters b and c are in terms of a, and the parameters d and e in terms of f?

I have some problems about plotting in Maple.

Question1. I have tried to plot this function for different intervals, but there is no resulting graph.


What do you think why this happens?

Question2. plot(1+18*(sinh(9*x-9/2)-sinh(3*x-477/2))^2/(9*cosh(9*x-9/2)+cosh(3*x-477/2))^2,x=-1..1);

The graph of this function is a wierd one. Is there any problem?



I am using Maple 15, and before that Maple 8 and Maple 13. While using the versions 13 and 15, 

I come across with this problem; I cannot copy an output and use it as input. In Maple 8, I was able to do this but in 

these improved versions, it seems that it is not possible. Is there a way to solve this problem? I saw some answers about this

problem suggesting to change launch.ini file. But I could not apply this suggestion, since it is not permitted by the system. 

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