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I have some automatically generated maple code. The code is in fact entirely within a single MAPLE object module. The auto generated code is ugly; fixing it is not feasible. Dealing with it by hand is not feasible.


If you have an ugly MAPLE proc, and just want to get a standard format for the code in the proc, you can print the proc in a maple command window and copy-past it back into the source file. *poof* it looks better. You loose the comments but who needs those anyway :...

(1) Does ModuleCopy, when automatically called from Object,  really get the a shallow copy of the object

as the first parameter in its parameter list? See below, which is copied directly from ?object,create. The

ModuleCopy has first argument new::Dollar but ModuleApply only passes its two arguments not three. I

couldn't find a reference to this feature in the docs.

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