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Hi Mehdi
I've used Matlab for the simulation tasks. For example, in my work, MATLAB, poly-logarithmic function under certain conditions can be computed. But the Maple easily detect it. But MATLAB is much easier than maple. For more complex tasks such as calculating differential and integral may be better to use Maple. Matlab is several times faster than Maple.


I prefer Fortran to all the software.


after plot right click on picture  and then:


Probe Info->Cursor Position


maple have a free cursor and you can move it and get coordinate of (x,y) but matlab move only on ploted line.

i prefer matlab cursor.

thank you very much  Markiyan Hirnyk also thanks alot Axel Vogt and Carl Love.


you can change help of older maple version to 18 by this command:




when i typed this command maple 18 wrote:


"Converting G:\\Program Files\\Maple 18\\lib\\DirectSearch.hdb to G:\\Program Files\\Maple 18\\lib\\DirectSearch.help"
Warning, .hdb help databases are deprecated, 'G:\Program Files\Maple 18\lib\DirectSearch.hdb' will not be used, see ?HelpTools,Migrate help page for more information.

and when try again it worked properly and DirectSearch help opened.

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