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@Axel Vogt mr axel vogt You've helped me in the past.. thanks alot. You're a great man.

@Wolff thanks alot

thank you Markiyan Hirnyk. solved.

@Axel Vogt Hi , thanks you very much. I'll test it.

Best wishes to you.

@Axel Vogt Hi, I'm ehsan, Shiraz University student.

Graphene is the subject of my thesis. If you like, please share your code to help me.

@Markiyan Hirnyk I will do what you wrote.

you are the best.

@Markiyan Hirnyk I have tested program for intensity = 1. But it took about 2,200 seconds to respond.

How to increase speed. The intensity should be increased in a loop from zero to ten million

hello mehdi if you are admin of windows please change directory of DirectSearch in another drive and try again.

Please report the result to help others.

thank you very much Markiyan Hirnyk I'll examine the mentioned methods.


I hope that is true for all intensities.

Thank you again.

thank you very much Axel Vogt. i can't find initial guess that you mentioned.

hello Markiyan Hirnyk.

Thank for your solution But a lot of conflict between these two solutions is observed how DirectSearch is correct in compare implicitplot.

It appears that you have reduce tolerance and have added an option AllSolutions, solutions = 2.

What is this options? How to correct the final answer.
In this program, i will increase the intensity from one to ten million. 
This method is valid for any intensity.

thank you very much.

hi Axel Vogt .i run your program and after 4700 second it can not answer for intensity=14800. 

Why is it so slow?


hi Axel Vogt and Carl Love And other dear friends.


Can I get result that ┘ÉDirectSearch is untrusted in my work?

if yes please Give another solution.

thank you very much.

hi Axel Vogt yes code is the same.

please set intensity=1 then set intensity=10000 change in variable b is in range 4 but change between 9000000 and 10000000 is very small why?


Axel Vogt this is reason of my doubt.

please help me.

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