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reliability means answer of this method is exact? 

if intensity=9000000 or 10000000 makeing no difference in answer. this is not a physical answer. 

increase in intensity=increase b and decrease c

thank you Carl Love.

thank you very much Markiyan Hirnyk and Carl Love and thanks alot mehdi jafari.

thanks alot mehdi.great help.

what's your idea about this equation:


a := Matrix([1, 2, 3, 4, 5]);

for k from1 by 1 to 5 do

DirectSearch:-SolveEquations([a(1, k)*x+2+y = 0, x+y = 0])

end do

save x and y seperatly.

thank you very much Markiyan Hirnyk. it was very helpfull.

how i can reach to directsearch help.

when i write ?DirectSearch maple help center show no matchs found.


i write:



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