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i have a question concerning dsolve. I think i typed two identical lines however maple just seems to accept one of these. I am slightly confused. Any suggestions about what might have gone wrong here?


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I am not quite sure wether this question belongs into this Forum but i will post it anyway (plz just give me a hint if i am wrong here).


In the Maple file i attached i wrote a solution for the Kepler-Problem(eq1) which i developed with Maple. I isolated r and simplified the result (eq2a).

However solutions from text book look a little different (it can be seen in Whatitshouldbe). I am sure that both functions are the same (i plotted both functions...

I would like to index Variable names like how it is common in physics (just as an addition to the variable name to distinct between say ta and tb just as two different times). However i am not sure how to do this and make maple treat for example ta EXACTLY like if it would be called ta.

int(1/2*m*(-x[b]+x[a])^2/(-tb+ta)^2,t = ta .. tb)

is evaluated but

int(1/2*m*(-x[b]+x[a])^2/(-t[b]+t[a])^2,t = t[a] .. t[b])


I am new to Maple and intended to solve a differential equation (at least numerically) but i encountered some problems. I attached the Maple file. Equation 1 is the DE, which has the general solution seen in (2).

The general solution can be taylored to match certain boundary conditions (see (3)) which in this case are y(5)=1 and y(10)=5. I eventually plotted the function.

However when i tried to obtain a numeric solution i got an error from Maple...

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