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As title

I need help in finding the maximum point of each curve (please see maple file link attached), or if possible display each maximum point (under different "ga") on the 3Dplot

Your help is appreciated



Hi all

I am trying to draw a 3d plot from the data that I have created in excel, how do I import from excel to maple and then draw the 3d plot using array?


below is the link to my dataset in excel




your help is appreciated

Hi to all

I am trying to merge two functions into a single graph. I have discovered the "piecewise" function but however I want to be able to manipulate the variables in both functions and plot a 3D graph to determine the results.

this is what I have so far

Z := proc (t)

if subs(p = 25, (100-p)*(1-exp((-1)*.11*t))/(10.00000000*exp((-1)*.11*t)+1)) < CM and 0 < t then subs(p = 25, (100-p)*(1-exp((-1)*.11*t))/(10.00000000*exp((-1)*.11*t)+1))

Hi to all, 

I would like to know where if I could plot two functions (both are computed by "if statements") on the same graph and could maple read "where" like VB (if ...where...end if)

Your help is appreciated

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