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Hi there,

Is there an easy way to redefine the Dgamma matrices in the Physics package without creating a custom function? I would like to use a form as shown below.

with i running from 1 to 3, i.e. specifying space coordinates and sigma_i being a 2x2 Pauli matrix. The zeroes are 2x2 zero matrices.

where I is a 2x2 identity matrix and again the zeroes are 2z2 zero matrices.


I have just started using the GR functions available in Maple and have struggled to implement locally flat coordinates whilst using an arbitrary metric. I would like Maple to know that the first partial of g_ is 0 but that the second may not be. This knowledge would help simplify down some of the bulky expressions for the Riemann tensor in terms of g_. Any suggestions would be great as I have very little background knowledge with the submodule.


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