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thx, that helped me a lot, i now have an idea how to start
hmm..... first, thx Acer, but the equation i had was from my prof, and i double checked it, so there wasn't a typo, and yes it did worked, but the problem is my prof required us to use implicitplot3d command, and plot it in as a 3d curve,Thx
the traces are more like the corss section of the quadric surface and the k is what i saw from my text when they trying to come up with the equation of the cross section, so they make one variable equal zero, and i think k here just mean zero also, when i type in the spacecurve equation from above, the maple won't do it, it showed "Error, (in f) real constants expected in ranges 2*pi" wut is the problem!! Thx for the help
wow~~dat is so clear, thx for the help
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