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It's me again, got another problem i have another hyperbolic paraboloid equation 3*x^2-5*y^2=z and it's conic sections at xy(z=0), xz(y=0), and yz(x=0) plane 3x^2-5y^2=0 3x^2-z=0 5y^2+z=0 but i have problems converting those conic equations into parametric equation, so it can be plotted using the spacecurve command Can someone help??
I am stock on this my prof gave me an equation to draw on maple 16x^2=y^2+4z^2 and this is the code i keyed in restart: with(plots): > p1:=implicitplot3d(16*x^2=y^2+4*z^2,x=-100..100,y=-100..100,z=-100..100,numpoints=2000,style=wireframe): > display(p1); and the graph suppose to be a cone rotating around the x-axis but i don't know wut i did wrong, i just couldn't get the graph look like a cone, instead, it looks like a hyperboloid of two sheets, and the sheets are very close to each other Can someone help?? Thx
The equation of a sphere is x^2+y^2+z^2=1, and its traces are x^2+y^2=1-k^2 z=k x^2+z^2=1-k^2 y=k y^2+z^2=1-k^2 x=k can somone help me how to graph the traces using spacecurve command so the traces matches the sphere? thx!!
Can someone help me with this?? i have x^2+y^2+z^2=1 and y=z and now i find the equation of their intersection which is x^2+2z^2=1 but then i have problem parameterize it since i let x=cost, y=sint, and since y=z, then z=sint but if i plug it back to the equation (cost)^2+2(sint)^2=1, which is not correct, can someone help me wut to set for z?? Thx
Can someone help me with parameterizing equations and plot it into maple to show the graph For example x^2 + y^2 + z^2=1 How do i parameterize it for each of the traces and turn the equation into a space curve in R^3? Also, how do i plot the surface and the curves together on the same plot, using a grey wire frame for the surface, a black line for the x=k trace, a blue line for the y=k trace and a red line for the z=k trace? Thx
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