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Version 10 of Maple contains the ImageTools package that contains some basic image operations. In this example we will use Maple to construct an edge detector.
Presently, any links outside of the Maple Primes site open in the same window. Would it be possible to have the external links open in a different windows. This way once done viewing the external link the window can be closed and there is still a Maple Primes session window open. Presenly, one must backspace out of the external site to get back to Maple Primes. Any thoughts on this? JB
It would be nice if the site could remember the login information, so that we don't have to log in every time.
In some applications it is necessary to map an angle to a range of 0 to 360 degrees. Adding 360 degrees to an angle, or subtracting 360 from an angle does not change actually change the angle. One way to do this would be to add (or subtract) enough multiples of 360 degrees until the angle falls between 0 and 360. For example, given an angle of 400 you would subtract 360 to get an angle of 40 degrees. In Maple, this is easily accomplished by the following function.

Frem := (x,y) -> x - y*floor(x/y);

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