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>e1r := -1.5; > e1i := 12.455; > e2r := -.022269812; > e2i := .25368881; > E1 := e1r -I*e1i; E1 := -1.5 - 12.455 I > E2 := e2r -I*e2i; E2 := -0.022269812 - 0.25368881 I > nz1 := RootOf(E1*NZ^4 - NZ^2*(2*E1^2) + E1^3 - E1*E2^2=0,NZ,index=1); Error, (in content/polynom) general case of floats not handled ok so what is wrong with this? its all simple equations and complex floats, the syntax for rootof looks correct...
I have the following code snippet which uses solve to get the 4 solutions to a quartic equation. In my application I must know which solution is which, for they each have a specific placement in later calculations. I know that most of Maple's datasets use memory address as their method of sorting, and therefore each run can give a different order to the results. Is this also true for solve? I need to know a way which the order of the solutions will always be constant. (sorting by returned value will not suffice) WaveEQDet := proc(layer,eV) local E1, E2; > E1:=Epp1(layerelementtable[layer], eV);
This is a portion of my first Maple program. I included the part that had the relevant code and output of what is going wrong. The problem I am having is in the PlotTable I create. It is a table with specifically defined indices, which gets added to each time through a loop. What each indices refers to is a table of lists, representing an x,y coord pair. The first time an index is added is corrects puts the data. The second time you can see that it added the second data correctly, but it also overwrote the data for the previous index. for k from 1 to nops([indices(thicknesstable)]) do #loop for each structure
intf12 := CurveFitting[PolynomialInterpolation](testfile[1..-1,1..2],z): eval(intf12, z=1); 54 0.1211007603 10 intf12 := CurveFitting[PolynomialInterpolation](testfile[1..-1,1..2],x): eval(intf12, x=1); 53 0.8 10 The only thing I changed was the variable from 'z' to 'x' I tried other names and they also gave me different answers once I evaluated. Is this a bug, known or unknown? Why would simply changing the variable name change the resulting equation?
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