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These are questions asked by jeanjacquesvvide

Dear MaplePrime's guys,

I would like that the font style of  all (new) worksheets I open are with 'style" "CMaple input" " Courier 20 "..

How could I modify the setting please? Any hint is more than welcome.


I am using Maple 16 (on a MacBook pro).


Thank for your attention,



Dear Maple experts,


I would like to visualize the equation -3*x+2*y+3*z=0  and (with other color) 2*y+3*z =0. I used the following commands:

PlanePlot(-3*x+ 2*y + 3*z = 0, [x,y,z], normaloptions=[shape=harpoon], showbasis);

But I do not know how to show at the same time the second equation (2*y+3*z=0 ).


How should I proceed? Any hint?

Thanks for your attention,




Hello Maple users friends,

I have two lines in the space (x,y,z) described by the equations in L1 and L2:


L1:= {4*x + 3*y + z = 0, x + y - z - 15 = 0}:

L2:={12*x + 5*y + 7*z -13 = 0, 9*x + y -3*z - 5 = 0}:

I would like the get the parametric (with z=t) equations P1 and P2 of the two lines..

I see the "form" of such parametric equations P1 and P2 using "solve"

solve(L1, {x, y}); solve(L2, {x,y});


but I do not know how to use those values to get my parametric equations P1 and P2 to continue with additional computation (area, volume etc).

Thanks for your attention and help.


Dear Maple users,


i have a set of 2 Lines: L1 (determined by the intersection of plane x + y -1=0 and plane x - z - 1=0), 

L2 ( intersection of plane x + y-7=0 and plane x-y+1 = 0 ).

which functions or commands of maple should I use "visualize" those 2 lines L1 and L2?


thanks for your help,



I was trying to create a array or table with the following columns

1. angle in radians,

2. angle in grades

3. sinus (x)

4. cosinus (x)

5. tangent(x)


for x= 0, pi/12, 2pi/12.. 2pi.

I was trying to use seq()


seq([(1*Pi/12*j),sin(1*Pi/12*j)], j=0..24);


but I cannot get something nicely "arranged" (like in a table or matrix) to export to latex.


could somebody give me a help..please?


thanks in advance,




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