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Have you considered this or its equivalent in the preamble to your LaTeX document?





The purpose is to wipe out the third position parameter and replace it with a blank.


What platform are you using? Linux, Windows, or Mac?

On a Mac I would suggest LaTeXiT. You would still have to re-generate the math expression from Maple. At least you would avoid MathType.


The other alternative might be to move to OpenOffice where LaTeX embedding is supported.



I am surprised no one has answered this for you.

On the Mac, I would recommend to do everything separately with the best program or tool for the job. Create your pictures by hand or by a drawing application. Create your graphs in Maple or elsewhere. Analyze your experimental data in a spreadsheet or something else. At the end, generate PDF files, either by direct print to PDF or by scan to PDF (at an appropriate scanning photo-copier). Finally, use Preview to assemble the pages in to one continguous document.

On Windows ... hmmmm ... I would be lost at the moment. I would still recommend to do everything separately, then generate individual PDF documents. I _think_ you have to use a third party software (eg Adobe Pro) to concatenate the separate files ... I am not sure that Windows comes out of the box to handle such effort (as per Preview on the Mac).

As to the template, I might suggest to have a title page that you change from assignment to assignment. Everything else gets copied in behind that title page. This would streamline the document creation process.

HTH, even at this late in reply.

So, nearly a year and a half later, and I have the same question. I can create a nearly "publication ready" plot of distribution functions (Bose-Einstein, Maxwell-Boltzmann, Fermi-Dirac) as a function of temperature TK. I have bounded the x and y ranges of the plots.

All that I really want is to switch the axes to plot fractional occupancy on the abcissa versus energy (eV) on the ordinate. When I try reflection of any one function, all of the scales on the axes get munged (uncomment my attempt with pBER ...). Certainly, I can manually switch the axes' labels. However, how do I fix the scales to the given bounds so that y automatically becomes "rebounded" by the x-bounds and vica-versa for x<->y?



I see the power of embedded components for making worksheets interactive and adaptable. This handles immediately a significant interest I have in being able to modify worksheet parameters and see the results directly.

I THINK I also see how embedded components would be used to set up a defined order for a report. Using a simple example


I. Graphs
[embedded GRAPH component (shows results of final calculations)]

II. Evaluations
[embedded LIST BOX component (gives outputs of various intermediate calculations)]


A. Givens
[embedded SLIDER component(s) (inputs parameter(s) for all calculations)]


Before I go further with this type of develpment, am I on the right track?




OK, that works for my example. Why? Where do I find info about := vs :-? Searching the Maple Help is ... less than helpful. It does not return anything intelligible for a search on :- ...

Knowing the distinction will likely explain to me why the following modification subsequently does NOT work ...

test1:= proc(txt) plots:-setoptions(title=txt) end proc:
  test1(`My New Plot`):
end proc:

I have a series of plot definitions that I accumulate and then display in various ways. Hence, the need to have programmable titles (among other things) and display sequences.



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