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System: Mac OS X 10.8.1 + Maple 16

I am trying to copy + paste a selected region from an image shown in Preview to Maple. The image is blank when it is pasted. Why is this not working as expected?

Chemistry / Chemical & Materials Engineering

<p>How do I force values to be shown in scientific notation in a spreadsheet? The Format:Numeric Formatting ... menu selection seems to have no effect in this case. I also can find no option (ie hfloat) or interface parameter (ie Digits) that can be run within a function that will "massage" numbers to be scientific notation.</p>
<p>My application is ... I have a table of values and am doing a calculation ...</p>
<p>DT := table():</p>

I have the following code in three document blocks on a document page.

> test1 := proc () setoptions(title = `My Plot`) end proc;
> plot1 := proc () with(plots); test1(); plot(x^2, x = 0 .. 2) end proc;
> plot1();

When run from a restart, it will not execute to give me a plot with a title. If I immediately re-execute the test1() procedure followed by the plot1() call, I get a plot with a title.

What am I missing, and how do I fix this to get what I want (a plot with a title)?



I have a report that I am generating that consists of worksheet sections that runs in the sequence

-- Givens

-- Setups

-- Evaluations

-- Figures

For a final report, I want to post the worksheet sections (via print to PDF) in the order ...

Title Page

I) Figures

II) Evaluations


A) Givens

B) Setups

What are the options within Maple for making this work in the most effective manner?

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