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I'm not sure why I get an error in the following simple maple code:

test:=s->fsolve(t^3=s,t);     % Simplified implicit expression for illustration.      

test(8);  % (this yields the answer 2 - good)


Error, (in fsolve) s is in the equation, and is not solved for

Why do I receive this error?

Same error occurs with:


I'm a casual user of Maple...

In Maple 13, I use: convert(arccosh(x),ln); Maple gives: ln(x+sqrt(x-1)*sqrt(x+1)); which is fine. Now try and convert back: convert(ln(x+sqrt(x-1)*sqrt(x+1)),arctrigh); Maple gives: ln(x+sqrt(x-1)*sqrt(x+1)); Why doesn't Maple return arccosh(x)? Thanks.
When I try to get online help for the optimization package by executing the command: ?Optimization I do not any information on the package at all. The info seems to be missing entirely. For example there is no online info on the LSSolve function. Where is this info hidden? I'm using 10.04 (Mac). Thanks.
I'd like to know how to accomplish the following:

I have an implicit equation f(u,v)=0, which maple will happily plot using implicitplot. I would now like to feed the
solution pairs (u,v) into another function g(u,v). How do I extract the solution points from the output of implicitplot and feed them into g(u,v). Let's assume that maple cannot find a closed form expression for v in terms of u (or vice versa) in f(u,v)=0.

Basically, I just want to retrieve the point pairs that make up the curve of f(u,v)=0 and evaluate g along that curve.
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