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See my debugging of this problem in a separate post:

In short.  The "Copy As LaTeX" does not work if you have default input selected as "Maple Notation" (which from your example I suspect you have.)


You can edit the startup code either from the menu, "Edit->Startup code" or by directly editing the user profil file in an editor. The location of the file is system dependent and you can find more information here:


?Startup code

(But if you have not previously edited some code I doubt this will address your issue as the profile startup code is empty by default)


Thank you for the extremely quick fix! I can confirm that with the Physics update this now works fine in 2021.0

(The Physics package now also upgrades without problem, great!  In the previous 2020 I had some issues which I never fully had time to resolve)

Re: The problem of getting "Copy as Latex .." to work. I had also his problem initially until it hit me that I had som custom startup profile code and in that code I had re-bounded the latex command to the physics package version of the command and the consequence was that latex now was inert and gave the behaviour you are seeing where "Copy as latex" does nothing.

Fixed it by just removing the rebinding in the startup code.



I really appreciate your work in improving the latex command. One small addition (that would greatly improve usability) is to add a "Copy as LaTeX" command in the same way as "Copy as MathML" under the context menu "Copy special". I'm naive enough to believe this would be a failrly easy addition.

Thanks for the answer. I thought I had uploaded the worksheet but I apparently forgot to insert the link. Have done so now. As far as hidden characters I will check onr more time, However for the trivial example I setup I actually retyped everything to provide a small clean example with this behaviour (since the actual real calculation have so many more parameters).

Unfortunately I don't have a Win version of maple to compare with.

Update: The crash is only repeatable with "sum()" command. Using "add()" works fine (which really is the function to be used in this case.)

@Samir Khan , Great that LaTeX handling is better! One small suggestion: Could we get a context menu "Copy as LaTeX" it's a small thing but it would make the workflow when writing a paper so much easier. Since the function already exists I hope it can be a low hanging fruit to pick!

@Thomas Richard 

The problemt with slideshow is that it is read only and you cannot work with the sheet/document. I would also like to see proper native full screen on OS X to make better use of the pixels available.

I beleive it not to be unreasonalbe to add this OS X standard design pattern since its been around for years on a software claiming to fully support OS X. I could understand not having it in the first year after it was introduced but that ship sailed long ago.

@Andreas Madsen I guess it wasn't a priority this time either even though it also has a few reincarnations so what looks like the same problem can aslo be triggered by similair expression involving superscripts.

@Michael Agree.

This has come to bother me a bit more and more. Of all the software I own Maple is the only one where you only get one bug fix (a .01 release) update after purchasing (and that is usually after a fairly short time after the release and I can only theorize that most fixes in the .01 patch was likely known at the release but didn't have time to go through the release and QA procedure in order to make it for the .00 release).

I certainly don't expect to get new features for free but I don't think it is unreasonable to expect fixes to known and recognized defiencies in the product I bought to be made available, for say, 24 month after purchase.

I'm not that naive that I cannot see the logistics problem of maintaining several branches coupled with the fact that maplesoft is quite a small company (in relation to the complexity of maple) and the need to get revenues by customers upgrading to new versions and focusing one main product dev branch and adding new features to stay competetive. However, for non-academic licensees maple represents in software terms a fair investment and I can't help wondering if this bugfixing policy isn't causing unnecessary "bad-blood"?

I think it would be more honest to clarify that you get the release you purchase and that's it. To get bug-fixes you have to purchase the subscription. As far as I can see the current product policy wording implies bug-fixes for free - but in practice that is not really the case.

What speaks against changing this policy, I guess, is that in the math-sw area not providing bug-fixes seems to be the norm. This applies, for example, to matlab as well. But two bad doesn't make one right.

One thing that "should" be fairly simple to implement since the code to convert a Maple expression to LaTeX already exists as a function.

Add a context menu "Copy as LaTeX" which is one thing that comes in really handy when writing a paper.

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