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These are questions asked by johan162

It seem like there is an (unwanted) difference between the latex() command and the newly introduced "Copy as LaTeX" in handling of \left and \right delimiters. A trivial example

\sin \! \left(\frac{b}{a}\right)

but if I instead use the new "Copy as LaTeX" command I get the result


These should of course be the same and I consider the first one to be the better conversion. It seems a very strange problem since it surely must be the same library routine that does the conversion in both cases? From a small set of examples I tried on it seem that the "Copy as .."  command never uses \left and \right which in several cases is absolutely necessary to get acceptable result.


Version: Maple 2020.1

When i set the color for the gridlines it only seems to be applied for the major-tick gridlines as the following trivial example shows:

plot(sin(t), t = 0 .. Pi, axes = frame, background = "#303030", color = "Orange", axis = [gridlines = [color = "#707070", linestyle = dot]])

I assume it must also be possible to also specify the color for the minor tick-marks gridlines?

The obvious (?) variant "axis=[gridlines = [color = ["#707070", "#707070"] , ... " just seems to crash maple (nothing happens when the plot() expression is evaluated).

I'm unable to find anything in the documentation regarding this and it only seems to imply that the color should be applied to both major & minor gridlines which is not the case.






(Context: As part of a EU consumer watchdog report I've been asked to re-validate a number of publically stated APR rates for various consumer loan. )

(Apologize if this should have been posted to some bug-tracker but I was unable to find such a forum.)

System: MacOS 10.14.6, Maple 2020.1

Summary: Some simple exponential summations entered in 2D Input seems to crash the kernel and it is dependent on the numerical value of the exponent. The same expressions entered in 1D plaintext Maple Notation works fine. The numerically/expression evaluations are also significantly slower in 2D Input in a Document (x10) as compared to 1D Maple Notation in a Worksheet.

The attached worksheet is a "killer" worksheet and will on OSX 10.14.6 + Maple 2020.1 kill the kernel connection (crash the kernel).


A trivial example, entering 2D Math (assume PV & C are positive real numbers), say

will cause a lost connection to the kernel after 40-50s entering the epression and the UI being busy (unclear what it is doing since no real calculation is performed) which I assume is a sign that the kernel crashed. It seems to dependent on the exponent in the divisor. So for example the following variation will not crash the kernel

Doing the exact same calculation with a worksheet in old plain maple notation both varianta are both significantly faster in the numerical operation (solving for 'r') and assigning 'eq2' and never crashes (regardless of numerical value of exponent).

The workaround is of course obvious but it would be nice if this bug could be adressed.

It seems that whenever I try to give the 2D-UI a chance (since it is actally easier to visually view complex expressions)  something always comes back and bites me...

Update: The crash is only repeatable with the "sum()" command and not the "add()" command.




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