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These are questions asked by jotieno

Can someone help me on how to solve the following pde for G

Eq1 := ((z[1]-1)*lambda+(z[3]-1)*gamma)*G+(1-z[1])*delta*(diff(G, z[1]))+(N*z[3]-z[2])*kappa*(diff(G, z[2]))+(1-z[3])*mu*(diff(G, z[3]))+(z[2]-z[1]*z[3])*beta*(diff(diff(G, z[3]), z[1])) = diff(G, t)


Hi, I would like to solve for i and c in this system. But whenever I try to solve it, it give a warning message "the solution may have been lost"


Hi, Could some body help me here, Am trying to use dsolve to solve the following system of equations but I am getting the following error

difS := diff(w(t), t) = nu+delta*z(t)-(1/100)*psi*w(t)*(x(t)+epsilon*y(t))-mu*w(t);

difI := diff(x(t), t) = (1/100)*(1-rho)*psi*w*(x(t)+epsilon*y(t))+PI*y(t)-h[1]*x(t);

difC := diff(y(t), t) = (1/100)*rho*psi*w*(x(t)+epsilon*y(t))+(1-q)*eta*x(t)-h[2]*y(t);

difR := diff(z(t), t) = q*eta*x(t)+beta*y(t)-(mu+delta)*z(t)

Hi everyone, I am getting this error message in maple can i get any help

Error, (in DynamicSystems:-RouthTable:-RouthTable) the polynomial must not contain complex values

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