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These are questions asked by joyce

this is a practice question that my professor give us. we need to write down the procedure

Given a list L of size N, split it into two equal size
lists L1 and L2 such that
– L1 = L[1..N/2]
– L2 = L[N/2+1..N]
• Use Select Sort to sort list L1
• Use Select Sort to sort list L2
• Merge the sorted L1 and L2 into a list L3 suchthat L3 is sorted.
• Print list L3


we are not allowed to use any build-in procedure such as Max


I am confused with this question. I have parabola1 which is 3*x^2-22x+7, and parabola2 which is -5/9*x^2+58/9*x-161/9. the area of par1 is −148.1481481, the area of par2 is −1.280000000.

How can I Calculate the area A3 which is defined by the intersections
of Par1 and Par2.
and Plot Par1 and Par2 with the area A3 “highlighted


hi, I m pretty new with maple,  could someone tell me how to calculat the area of parabola and x-axis,the equation of parabola is 3x^2-22x+7,

who can tell me how to find distance of point p from line L by using maple

1,There are four points a=[3,4], b=[-4,-16/3], c=[-1,1],
d=[8,-8]. Write a simple program to find the intersection point
of straight line segement ab and straignt line segement cd.

2, Write a procedure to convert a list L into a set S?

thank you

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