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These are questions asked by kambiz1199

how can i remove, zero after dot from my result

V := 4;
K := 16.56;

H := 0.5;

q1 := evalf(diff(y[1](x), x) = V*y[2](x)/H - K*y[1](x)/H);

how can i solve this operate differential equation

convert(expand((D[1] - 1)*(D[1]^2 + 2)*y(x) = 0), diff);


hi. how can i get this solution of eq

like this (just show not solving)


a := 3;
b := 5;
c := -1;
eq := exp(-c)/(a*b) + a^b*exp(c);

hi. i write this code with "for" loop. but i dont want to show comma sign in my print. how can i remove it

for example

thanks in advance


for i to 2 do
    for j to 2 do S[i, j] := 2*mu*varepsilon[i, j] - add((2*mu)/3*varepsilon[r, r]*delta[i, j], r = 1 .. 3); print("S"[i, j] = S[i, j]); end do;
end do;


i want to plot these two equation that z is complex. 

i try it by implicitplot but for the second one it's not work. thank you