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I have a loop that generates a vector:

for i to 5 do

eqn[i] := i;

end do:


I then want to print the vector so it looks like this:   eqn = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

eqn;    just prints the word eqn


How do I get Maple to factor some of the terms in the expression and ignore the irrelavent ones?


factor(x^2+2x+1)   gives  (x+1)^2

but   factor(x^2+2x+1+y)   just returns  x^2+2x+1+y

So  factor((x^2+2x+1+y)/(x+1)^2)  will not automatically simplify to   1 + y/(x+1)^2


I'm looking to simplify a very long an expression such as this one:

Hi, I'm very,very new to maple, project due on monday so help needed urgently please! I have an array (as a result of dsolve) of the form below (obviously a lot longer) [a=0.001, b=123, c=345, d=565] [a=0.002, b=124, c=345, d=567] [a=0.003, b=125, c=456, d=765] I need to plot the first and third columns against each other so I used the op function to extract these columns arr := Array[1 .. 100]; for i to 100 do arr[i] := [op(1, ans(i)), op(3, ans(i))] end do However, this gives me [a=0.001, c=345] [a=0.002, c=345] [a=0.003, c=456]
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