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These are questions asked by kh2n

Hi to all

I want know that can we slove the following equation



F(l)= coth(l*(S0)))/coth(l*(S0-1)));

Is this possible from mathematical point of view?

 It make any sense to slove the above equation?




I tried to find the limit of the following equation using l'hopital's rule, when sigma approches to zero find i couldn't find it.

Now i want to use Taylor series to find the limit of the following equation, when sigma approches zero.

Download 16210_stabilityinterfconvet.mws
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I want to find the limit of the expression (see maple sheet) using l'hopital's rule as sigma approches to zero.

Please help me out.





how can we compare the malpe calculation and manual calculation.

I mean if we use maple to have a solution (different form) and then try to get the same solution manually (compressed form compare to maple), now i want to compare both the solutions using maple, whether the two solutions are same or not. 



I want to write a loop, which can give me the appropriate roots of a long equation.

I have tired to use a very simple loop, but the problem is that there are multiple solutions of the equation.

I want a loop which use newton methods to give me the satisfactory roots.

The funtion which I am dealing with is of the form sigma(l).

Plz help me out.

I have attached the maple file.

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