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My friends, I am trying to compress a very long equation. Can any one help me to make it possible to compress the equation, means to write it in a very very simplified form. The real reason for this hardwork is that the equation is very long to write it in latex.

Your quick response is required.

Thanks to all

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I am try to write the solution in latex but its too long. Can any one help me to use some maple commads to write the solution in a compressed form.


I want to solve the following equationg for beta assuming SteL<0, SteV<0, h>0, R1>0, beta>0


Can any one help me out?

I want to get data from implicit plot.

How can i do it.

The case which i am considering is

Pi^(1/2)*beta = 1.878297101/exp(20.00000001*beta^2)/erf(4.472135956*beta)-2.100000000*R1/exp(beta^2/R1^2)/erfc(beta/R1);

implicitplot(A, R1=0..1, beta=0..1);

I want to get the data fron this plot.

Can any one help me??



I want to plot the following equation

theta0 = 10.00000000*(2.718281828-exp(1.000000000*S))/exp(1.000000000*S)

I want that theta0 should be my x-axis in the plot and S should be the y-axis in the plot.

Can any one help me out?


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