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I want to create a tangent function.

I know that you can create tan(x) but how can you create the tangent function when the solutions are only:

x in [0.19740;0.91510[ union [3.3390;4.0567 ?


Another explanation:

How you can graphically show the valid values of x in this inequality?

                  0.2 ≤ tan x < 1.3
Best regards

Hi, I have created 2 annulus;


> display(sector([2, -5.5], 2.5 .. 3.5, (1/5)*Pi .. (1/2)*Pi, color = "Niagara Burgundy"), axes = none, scaling = constrained);

> display(sector([5, -5], 1 .. 1.5, (1/5)*Pi .. 2*Pi, color = "Green"), axes = none);
But I want the green annulus to cross the Niagara Burgundy annulus at the points where the green annulus is open. The green annulus is open with an angle...


I have succesfully created a annulus. Because I am creating a garden, I am interested in making circular shrubs in the annulus. I mean an annulus filled with small circles.  How do I do that?

I have this annulus;

display(sector([4.5, -5.5], 2.5 .. 3.5, 0 .. 2*Pi, color = "Green"), axes = none, scaling = constrained)


the radius of the small circles should be: (3.5-2.5=1)

Hi, I am creating a garden with plan view   in Maple. Garden with plan view


I want to create a train in my garden, so i need to create 1/4 annulus. How do I make that?



How can I create a rectangle in Maple knowing 4 points?

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