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Nice, thank you so much.  The way to use this feature was not clear in maple help, It was stating to use a procedure as method and I had no success with that.  Thanks again!

Im getting an invalid arrow procedure when using that code.


Yea, i can see this wont be good for plotting, but its good for homework and gives me something to do with maple :)  I appreciate all your help!!

ok, that makes sense there. 


Can I do a similar thing to restrict the output?




Ill give this a try asap

Ahh yes, of course, my apologies in my haste I did write nonsense.  how about f(m,n)=m*n  something like that, the main thing is whether I can specify the domain and codomain and it appears I cannot.

Well its for something like




Not really for simplistic functions like that, but to help me explore more complicated ideas.





Rock on, pretty neat.  Can I easilly apply this to vector calculus by importing with(VectorCalculus) ?



Hey, thanks for the quick response, its pretty neat.  Im having some trouble understanding how to make it continue. say i have a simple function f := x^2+2x+1/x


I do the hint and rule step, i understand what it does. but now how do i get it to do the next step, it has given me the integral split into 3 integrals, do i have to manually tell it to do each one?



I am having trouble getting the graphs to have any sort of transparency, any ideas? maple help says it accepts it but i cannot figure it out!



Not sure if this is an appropriate place for the question, but its come up within the module so..

Can I not use the stats  describe[mean] twice in one module definition? When I do this (whether its mean or median or other kind) on different sets of data within the same module definition i get splattered with illege assignment errors.

such as: Error, (in stats/find_function) invalid input: assigned expects its 3rd argument, n, to be of type assignable, but received `stats/describe/functions/` || (.9483333333)


Hey so I have my next question :)  how can I write multiple object definition requirements (not sure if that is stated correctly so I will try to clarify).

What if I want multiple ways to define the rectangle, one where it gets the length and width and say another just the length (doesnt make sense here but does elsewhere).  Do I have to simply redefine the whole rectangle using proc(l) ? 



Cool thanks.

Yea somehow I missed that whole section the first time, I do apologize.  Perhaps it was the excitement that once again maple help was just confusing the situation.

Thanks again!

Hey, thanks a lot!  I had been looking at chapter two, why cant they put something simple like rectangle in there to get the point across, of the basics at least, oh well. 

Oh yea, perhaps a dumb question, but for the life of me I cannot manage to indent such as you have above in the definition, never have when writing procs and such, how do I go abou that? :)



I use a Mac and cannot get the Running aspect of the to work.  As far as I can tell, I have built correctly but that next step of changing variables in the terminal (since im not fluent) im not able to work around issues.

Thanks! It works great. So if I write dzurflu14(720) it evaluates, but if i hit enter on it again (without re-executing the whole file) it no longer gives me the value and simply prints dzurflu(720) is the unapply a one time deal? thanks!
Not sure if any of you are still around to answer this. But I am using a mac and having a heck of a time compiling just the provided with maple. Im now stuck at a point where it gives me memory location errors! Any ideas or assistance to get me through running the program?
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