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My kittens finally managed to destroy my macbook pro, it was on its way out, but clearly the kittens had a grudge.  It was a first generation but still was my finest machine to date. 

Now being back in school and .. well just dont have the money flow for now, I am wondering what people think about the performance of Maple on a Macbook, will it be sufficient for a student (mathematics)? 

I know most people here are on PC's but Im sticking with OS x.

heres the specs:


So what is the best way to put a "link" from one place in a maple document to another. So that someone can jump quickly when clicked? Thanks!
I am trying to figure out what the heck im doing wrong when embedding the if into the loop:

for a from 1 while a<13 do
then functions[a]:=m||a;
else functions[a]:=(m||a||rref[1,5]*x^(3))+(m||a||rref[2,5]*x^(2))+(m||a||rref[3,5]*x)+(m||a||rref(4,5)); end if
end do;

I get the Error, unterminated loop

Thanks in advance!
Hello! So glad to become a part of this community, I am loving Maple. So here is my question: I know c++ fairly well (need to freshen up) and the same idea with Java, Ive seen I can incorporate languages into Maple, or so it seems. What type of things am I capable of doing? And along those lines, any suggestions to what path to take in order to learn such powerful tools? I am currently working on a bachelor/masters in engineering and would love to know Maple better then I do my own Fiance (just dont tell her). Thanks in advance!
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