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These are questions asked by kjell


I have a i9 9th Generation processor with 32 GB ram

If I upgrade to a i9 13 Generation processor with 64 GB ram

Assume I change the main card to Z790

I wonder if I will notice a big improvement in performance when running Maple 2023?



Matrice: (x,y)=(-2,-3),(-1,2),(3,4),(1,-2)

When plotting 3 lines with points are ok, but the fourth line os missing! All 4 points are there

How to include the 4th line?


How can a solve second order Laplace Equation with boundary condition numerical in Maple 2023?


I am using Maple 2023.

When using PDE Numeric Help Side the text sides is not smooth moving when scrolling downwards or upwards.

Any advice what to do????



I have a Maple program for plotting from z plane to w plane under transformation w=1/z

I have lines in the z plane and should have had nice circles in the w plane, but the circles are not so good. It is a hole around zero.I can do it manually, but I like to do it with the Maple program.

What must be done in the program to get nice circles???

Thanks for any answers!!



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