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I'm studying submanifolds of (semi)-riemannian and trying to look at some examples with Maple using it's great DifferentialGeometry package. But there's one thing I can't figure out. How can I define a pullbacked tangentbundle along the embedding map? Let me be more specific:

I have a manifold S, a manifold M and a map i: S -> M.

I realize this in Maple with: DGsetup( [...], M ); DGsetup( [...], S); i:=Transformation(S,M,[...]);


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<p>I'd like to visualize my daily work and plot a curvature flow. First of all, I need to define and to plot a hypersuface. How do I do that?</p>
<p>Afterwards I'm going to calculate it's fundamental form and other geometric quantities.</p>
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