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These are questions asked by kpassi

I am using Maple 13 for applications of Integratin. I want to plot region bounded by y=x^2 and line x=1. How can I do this in Maple? Thanks in advance!!

I used seq command to get a list of numbers......seq(2*x+8,x=1..10)...for example.

How can I take the output and convert it to a table? Thanks in advance.

I use the solve command to solve a quadratic equation. I get two outputs and want to assign the second output to the variable x. How can I do this?

Quadratic equation is 3x^2 - 9x+11


Thanks in advance!!

I will really appreciate some help with assigning solutions of the solve command to names. For example, when I enter the command...

solve( [3x + 9y=10,8x-7y=20],[x,y])


I get the following output:


[[x=250/93, y=20/93]]


How can I extract the solutions and assign them to x and y which I want to use in subsequent calculations such as ...


sin(x) + sqrt (y)


I use Maple 12 on a Macintosh platform. When I press command+ t   I switch to text mode. How do I switch back to 2D math input using the keyboard? Thanks in advance !!

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