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Laurent Bernardin is the Executive Vice-President of Research and Development as well as Chief Scientist at Maplesoft, responsible for the corporate technology vision as well as all product development.

A contributor to the Maple project for 14 years, Laurent has held increasingly senior positions at Maplesoft since joining the company full-time in 1999, successfully delivering over 40 product releases and leading the R&D team to achievements such as the breakthrough releases of Maple 15 as well as MapleSim. Under his tenure, the R&D department at Maplesoft has grown from 33 to over 60 people today.

Laurent is a recognized authority in the area of scientific computation and has published numerous papers on mathematical algorithms as well as parallel and distributed computation. Laurent is an active member of the research community, serving on the editorial board of the Journal for Symbolic Computing and is regularly asked to serve on program committee or act as referee for prominent conferences in the field, such as ISSAC (International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computing), ACA (Applications of Computer Algebra), IAMC (Internet Accessible Mathematical Computations) and CASC (Computer Algebra and Scientific Computing). Frequent speaking engagements and invited lectures allow Laurent to share his thoughts on Maple and mathematical computation systems with audiences at top research institutions and companies around the world. In 2004, Laurent accepted the NSERC Synergy Award on behalf of Maplesoft, recognizing our long-term partnership with the University of Waterloo. Laurent also serves on the W3C Math Working Group as well as on the Numeric Math Consortium, defining industry standards such as the MathML markup language for mathematical expressions.

Prior to joining Maplesoft, Laurent held research and IT positions at ETH Zurich, ran a software consulting business and co-founded an e-commerce startup company.

Laurent holds a PhD (Dr. sc. tech.) in Computer Science from ETH Zurich, Switzerland, focusing on algorithms for Symbolic Computation as well as an engineering degree (Dipl. Ing. ETH), also from ETH Zurich.

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