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Laurent Bernardin is president and CEO of Maplesoft. Laurent has been with Maplesoft for over 20 years and prior to his appointment to his current role, he held the positions of CTO and COO. Laurent is a firm believer that mathematics matters and has driven Maplesoft’s focus on both academic and professional markets, always with an eye towards both innovation and user experience. Under his leadership, Maple has grown from a research project in symbolic computing to a complete environment for mathematical calculations used by hundreds of thousands of engineers, scientists, researchers and students around the world. Laurent lead the development of MapleSim, a ground-breaking product for modeling and simulation of engineering systems. Laurent oversaw the development of Möbius, the online learning platform, culminating in the successful spin-off of DigitalEd in 2018. More recently, Laurent has been driving Maplesoft’s push into the area of model based systems engineering. Laurent is a recognized authority in the area of scientific computation and has published numerous papers on mathematical algorithms as well as parallel and distributed computation. Laurent is an active member of the research community and has served on numerous editorial boards and program committees. Frequent speaking engagements and invited lectures allow Laurent to share his thoughts with audiences at top research institutions and companies around the world. In 2004, Laurent accepted the NSERC Synergy Award on behalf of Maplesoft, recognizing our long-term partnership with the University of Waterloo. Laurent has served on a number of corporate boards and is currently a member of the board of directors of the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences. Prior to joining Maplesoft, Laurent held research and IT positions at ETH Zurich, ran a software consulting business and co-founded an e-commerce startup company. Laurent grew up in Luxembourg and holds an engineering degree in computer science as well as a PhD in symbolic computing from ETH Zürich, Switzerland.

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To insert a reference to data stored in a different worksheet, use Insert->Reference. Select the worksheet in the file browser that comes up, then select the equation label that you want to refer to. That will insert a Retrieve() call into your current worksheet, which will fetch the current data from the worksheet every time Retrieve() is evaluated.

A reference like "L6" that appears in the call to Retrieve() is the underlying name of the equation label. Labels like (1) can change, for example if you insert additional content into the worksheet or delete an existing equation from the worksheet. The underlying name remains constant and as a result your reference remains valid even if you edit the worksheet that you are referring to.

@itisjimmy I fully agree with the importance of the iPad and mobile and tablet devices in general. We do have big plans in this area. Here is a glimpse of what's to come.

A few people have asked about mobile platforms other than the iPad. While there is nothing to announce in that area yet, I would agree that expanding to, for example, Android would reach a significant number of Maple users.


Dear Mich,

Sorry, I can't give you a straight answer on this. It depends on what your exact needs are. I'll have someone contact you directly.


I agree 100%. We'll look into it.


Dear Mich,

I'd like to suggest you contact our Tech Support team to discuss your exact requirements wrt. LaTeX authoring and then we will be able to give you a better sense of a timeframe for resolution. At the same time, it would be useful to give us more detail on why the other authoring methods do not work for you.

Thanks for all the comments so far. To answer some of the questions: We have not yet announced the release date for the next version of MapleSim. Maple 15 extends GPU/CUDA support to the Mac. Also, delay differential equations are on our list but didn't make it into Maple 15.

Maple 15 is available now. Please keep the feedback coming.

Have a look at Maple 15: Many core operations like polynomial arithmetic automatically take advantage of multiple cores. Also, the speedups you get when you write your own multi-threaded programs in Maple are now much more impressive.

In general, making Maple take advantage of parallel computing is a huge priority for us and you can expect further significant improvements in the future.



Or, alternatively:

> m := <1, "t"; 3.14, 17>:
> printf("%{c }4a", m);


Or use fprintf to write to a file

Also, see: ?rtable_printf



It is true that there is a lot of clutter in the public group but the intend is for anybody to share what they are doing with Maple with as wide an audience as possible. As such, I'd like to encourage you to post your work in the public group, as opposed to creating your own, which will be seen by far fewer people.

In return, I'll look into what we can do to reduce clutter ;-)

The idea with the MapleCloud is to provide a very simple way for people to exchange worksheets without having to leave the Maple environment. Down the road (but hopefully not too far in the future), our goal is to synchronize the MapleCloud with both MaplePrimes and the Application Center. Then you'll be able to get all available content either via your browser or directly through Maple.

     -Laurent, Chief Scientist, Maplesoft

Dear Mich,


We are looking into rendering of math in T.A. now and that issue should get resolved soon.


best regards


   -Laurent, Chief Scientist, Maplesoft

It is true that with a lot of effort Classic could be ported to new platforms. We choose to spend the effort on the Standard Worksheet Interface, instead. As you and others have commented, our work on that new interface is not done and we will keep improving it with every release. So please keep the feedback coming and let's move forward.

    -Laurent, Chief Scientist, Maplesoft

One important reason that the Classic worksheet is not evolving any more is that it's based on a cross-platform toolkit (StarView) from a company that has long since disappeared. Hence we are unable to port Classic to new platforms like 64 bit Windows.

The Standard Worksheet Interface has come a long way since 2005 and is used by thousands of Maple users daily. Different people have different preferences. Documents vs. worksheets. 1D input vs 2D input. That's why we allow you to configure Maple for all of those scenarios.

I personally use 2D input all the time but you can switch the default to 1D via a checkbox in the options dialog and many people do. Down the road, we'll look into providing a desktop shortcut that defaults to 1D, in order to make this even easier.

best regards


    -Laurent, Chief Scientist, Maplesoft

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