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Laurent Bernardin is president and CEO of Maplesoft. Laurent has been with Maplesoft for over 20 years and prior to his appointment to his current role, he held the positions of CTO and COO. Laurent is a firm believer that mathematics matters and has driven Maplesoft’s focus on both academic and professional markets, always with an eye towards both innovation and user experience. Under his leadership, Maple has grown from a research project in symbolic computing to a complete environment for mathematical calculations used by hundreds of thousands of engineers, scientists, researchers and students around the world. Laurent lead the development of MapleSim, a ground-breaking product for modeling and simulation of engineering systems. Laurent oversaw the development of Möbius, the online learning platform, culminating in the successful spin-off of DigitalEd in 2018. More recently, Laurent has been driving Maplesoft’s push into the area of model based systems engineering. Laurent is a recognized authority in the area of scientific computation and has published numerous papers on mathematical algorithms as well as parallel and distributed computation. Laurent is an active member of the research community and has served on numerous editorial boards and program committees. Frequent speaking engagements and invited lectures allow Laurent to share his thoughts with audiences at top research institutions and companies around the world. In 2004, Laurent accepted the NSERC Synergy Award on behalf of Maplesoft, recognizing our long-term partnership with the University of Waterloo. Laurent has served on a number of corporate boards and is currently a member of the board of directors of the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences. Prior to joining Maplesoft, Laurent held research and IT positions at ETH Zurich, ran a software consulting business and co-founded an e-commerce startup company. Laurent grew up in Luxembourg and holds an engineering degree in computer science as well as a PhD in symbolic computing from ETH Zürich, Switzerland.

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Also look at Worksheet[DisplayFile](). Together with autoexecute sections (in Maple 10 Standard) this may do what you need.
Maple 10 allows you to mark sections of a worksheet to be automatically executed on load. Check ?plotsetup for ways to programatically export plots.
The Classic Worksheet Interface has a limit on the number of lines in a worksheet (around 2^16). The Standard Worksheet Interface does not have a problem with your example. You don't get the 300000 lines of output displayed, which would probably be pretty useless. Instead you get a placeholder, something like: [large output]
There are two solutions to this: 1) Start in Worksheet mode. To hide input, select the execution group(s), go to Format->Create Document Block 2) Start in Document mode. This is a bit trickier. Put the cursor on the input that you want to hide. Select View->Expand Document Block. Now delete the print(...) command and its output using CTRL-DELETE. Select View->Collapse Document Block Select View->Toggle Input/Output Display We'll make this easier in a future release. best regards -Laurent
Well, you could just type PartialD, followed by the command completion key (CTRL-SPACE on Windows). Make sure you are in 2d math (or hit F5 to enter 2d math) and that you are using the Standard Interface. best regards -Laurent
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