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These are questions asked by lei_xiaowen

restart; assume(x > 0); solve(x^2 = 4, x); fsolve(x^2 = 4, x)

I use this order, and want to get x=2, but the result is

I want to solve the problem as follows,

the error is:  Error, (in PDEtools/_zn/get_zn) too many levels of recursion

and the detail is in the additionView 13857_2010.01.04.mw on MapleNet or Download 13857_2010.01.04.mw
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why I can not get the result, how to solve it ?

Thank you.

I input

w := proc (x, theta, t) options operator, arrow; sin(m*Pi*x/L)*cos(n*theta)*exp(I*omega*t-I*g*x) end proc;l[1] := (D[`$`(1, 2)](w))(1, (1/3)*Pi, 2)+(1-sigma)*(D[`$`(2, 2)](w))(1, (1/3)*Pi, 2)/(2*R^2)-K*rho[C]*h*(D[`$`(3, 2)](w))(1, (1/3)*Pi, 2); L[1] := simplify(l[1]/exp((2*I)*omega-(1.326880917*10^14*I)*gg*kk))

and it shows

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