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These are questions asked by lei_xiaowen

I do an order as follows,

> restart;

I use eliminate to get a relation of two independent variables,and then I want to use plot to draw a picture of the two independene variable,such as

eliminate({L[A]+L[DD], S[A]+S[DD]}, kk)

and I got the relationship of kk&w,I want to draw the relationship,maybe plot can not do it ,what others I can do?

thank you

I want to get a common divisor from multinomial,such as (b-a), can I use the order collect (S,(b-a)),maybe it is wrong,what others I can use?

thank you

I used eliminate,but there is no result,no error.

I donot know why,what shoud I do?

The programme is in the attachment,the last expression is the eliminate.How should I correct it?View 13857_kk-w.mw on MapleNet or Download 13857_kk-w.mw
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Thank you

After multipication,I got some [  ],like these


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