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Hello, I am solving an ODE numerically:

restart: deq1 := diff(y(t), t, t)+y(t)*abs(y(t)) = 0; ic1 := y(0) = 1.0, (D(y))(0) = 0.; 
dsol1 := dsolve({deq1, ic1}, numeric, range = 0 .. 10); 

I need to get the plots of the first and second derivatives of the solution. Ok, I can get the first derivating by transforming the equation to system with two unknown functions and reducing the order, but I also need the second and possibly higher derivatives. 


Is the linux version of Maple architecture dependent? 

Dear Colleagues,


1) is there any way to plot the difference of two ode solutions? Smth like display(p1-p2)?
2) is there a way to add a regular plot, i.e. explicit function to the set of plots? I need to have regular plotsand ode plots all together. 

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