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@vv Thank you for the suggestion. The code worked for me after I remove one equation.

@vv Thank you for your quick response and the executable code for the older version. When I run the worksheet in my system with Maple 12, I got only zero values to all P[i,j]. What might be the problem?

@vv  Thank you for your answer. I have included your suggestion, but I am getting only the variables P[i,j] without any numerical values. I have replaced the solve portion in the initial program with the following code. 

> Eqns1 := {Normalizeq}; 
for i from 0 to Ne do 
for j from 0 to Ng do 
Eqns1 := Eqns1 union {eqn[i,j]};
end do;
end do;
> V := [indets(Eqns1)[]]; 
AB := GenerateMatrix(Eqns1, V, augmented); 
Vsol := LinearSolve(AB); 
V = ~Vsol;

I checked that all equations are included in Eqns1. There might be some problem with the second part of the code, which I am not aware of. I need your help again.

@tomleslie Thank you for the great help. I am getting the results in excelsheet (using Maple 17) although some of the entries are not numbers due to different step lengths.  

@mmcdara The second code is working fine for me.  This is very helpful to me.

@mmcdara I am getting the results with the code. Is it possible to use it inside a for loop to get several outputs for corresponding inputs in a single run of the code?

@Carl Love How to make my worksheet into a procedure and call it inside the for loop?

@vv  I have tried the code without `consts` and had the same error. So I have to use `consts`. But the problem is I have to do it manually,i.e., to copy the new values of the parameters  generated every time to the function `consts`.

My querry is that Can the function `consts` take the values of the parameters automatically from the program and then evaluate the expressions as given by you?


@vv Which was causing the error in the code? Is it because of the abscence of the form




Again this problem appears in another expression of Ez inspite of using the simplify command. The maple code is attached below.

@vv Now simplify does the work for me

@Kitonum For each value of A, I need an m value (real number), but here only complex values.

If there are no real solutions to the equation then can I get the real value of m for which f(m) is closest to zero. I have a code like the following one

Some times the values obtained using this code and the functional value at that point mismatch.

@Christian Wolinski  Dear Sir, I encounterd this problem in probability theory. Parameters can take any value as long as the expression is consistent except α and β which are less than 1. m is a positive real number.

I have attached the maple program. This is just an extension of the original problem to include a sequence of m in the denominator.

@Kitonum  Dear Sir

I have attached the maple program. I am unable to get the values of m after extending the problem to include a sequence of m in the denominator.

@Markiyan Hirnyk I have written the code on my own. But i think this code can be reduced further with the experts. 



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