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These are questions asked by lomkes

got the function v*t=(S0-St)+Km*ln(S0/St) and I need to find St I solve it in maple and get St=LambertW((S0*e)/Km)*Km). Then S0, v, Km is known I can solve this thing in maple (t=time and it's varies from 0 to x).

I got a function to express v*t=(S0-St)+Km*ln(S0/St). The only unknown here is St. I solve it for St and get


http://www.failai.in/show/F/AE1DF287E/darbas2.mw (without E0)

http://www.failai.in/show/F/A1488DF1B/darbas3.mw  (with E0)

It's a links to my worksheets (used maple 11). And now the problems:

Problem Statement: In a catalytic reaction that follows a mechanism known as the Michaelis-Menten kinetics, the reactant (S) combines reversibly with a catalyst (E) to form a complex (ES) with a forward and reverse rate constant of k1 and ki, respectively. The complex then dissociates into product (P) with a reaction rate constant of k2 and the catalyst is regenerated.

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