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These are questions asked by longrob

Hi all

Can anyone suggest ways of speeding up this code ?

div_vec := proc(a::Vector,b::Vector)
# procedure returns the element-byelement
# division of vector a by vector b
local i,c:
for i from 1 to Dimension(a) do
c[i]:= a[i]/b[i]:
end do:
return c:
end proc:
I came across this problem while helping another user find the maxima of an expression for 
various values of a parameter here:

For various values of ga, it was required to find the maxima in a range of 0<delta<2.
Plots of the expression indicate that one such maxima exists for each value of the parameter.

My approach was to find the zeros of the first...

A recent question prompted me to wonder whether other Maple users are using the latex output from Maple in their formal written work ? Personally I've found the Maple latex output to be lacking in a number of ways, one of which the writer of this question has found


I myself gave up using latex output...

I'm taking a calculus of variations class and checking some answers with Maples VariationalCalculus package and the EulerLagrange command in particular.

I've done an exercise by hand for which I don't get the same results from Maple and I'm trying to see why.

Can anyone help me construct the EL equation "manually", in partcular how do I get the partial derivartive of an expression containing x, y(x) and diff(y(x),x) with respect to diff(y(x),x) ? That...

Hi, can anyone point out what I've done wrong in setting up this PDE solution: PDE:=diff(u(x,t),t$2)+diff(u(x,t),t)-diff(u(x,t),x$2)=sin(Pi*x/l); BCs:=u(0,t)=0,u(l,t)=0; ICs:=u(x,0)=0,D[2](u)(x,0)=0; ans := pdsolve([PDE,BCs,ICs],u(x,t)) assuming l
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