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These are questions asked by lserra12

I am trying to maximize a concave function and I have 6 different parameters. I use the maximize command and establish the relevant constraints. The result I obtain is numerical, but I would like to have an analytical solution with one of these parameters being the dependent variable as a function of the others.


Can I use the maximize command or any other command that will give me an analytical solution instead of a numerical one?



I was told that to obtain explicit values for an expression of a RootOf expression, I should use the allvalues command. However, when I use it with RootOf(expr, index=1),RootOf(expr, index 2), and so on, I use allvalues and get no explicit solution. I even tried to use allvalues, explicit.


I have the following solution with Maple 13:  RootOf((-4+4d)_Z+(4-4d)_Z-3d+2).

I understand that to obtain an explicit solution to the complex roots, I have to use evalf.

So when I write evalf(%) or evalf(RootOf((-4+4d)_Z+(4-4d)_Z-3d+2)), Maple returns the same complex root.


Hope you can assist me.



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